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We are experts at developing strategic growth and value creation plans for privately held companies. We offer solutions that help you accelerate your growth, increase your value, and prepare you for an eventual successful exit.

Source: M&A Advisor awards, 2022, 2023



The Strategic Growth Plan (SGP)

Generational’s Growth Consultants comprise former CEOs, C-suite executives, and seasoned management consultants. They specialize in pinpointing and addressing obstacles that hinder organizational growth. Our process commences with a multi-day strategy workshop, enabling you and your team to delineate company objectives, establish milestones, and confront challenges, fostering unity within a collaborative environment.

The Strategic Growth Plan (SGP) is designed to cater to companies at various stages of development. It gives your team and potential buyers deeper understanding of your company’s vision and potential.

“I had no idea what to expect going in, but I left being blown away by the process and fired up to execute our plan.”

With a legacy spanning more than 50 years, the Nicklaus Companies stands as a prominent authority in the global golf industry. Following an intensive, tailored Strategic Growth Plan workshop, the leadership team departed invigorated and prepared to implement their plan and reach their goals.

Three Questions You Should Ask

Here are just a few questions we ask business owners to consider. We not only help you with the answers, we deliver a guided, practical process that lays out the right plan to help you reach your goals. Without a clearly defined strategic plan for you and your team, growth can remain slow and more often than not begins to decline.

Do I have a documented strategic growth plan to achieve my goals, and the internal resources to implement it?

Am I satisfied with the performance of my business or is it time to consider fresh ideas and a new tactical approach?

What are the potential negative implications to me and my business if I maintain the status quo?

"One of the best decisions we've ever made."

Take a moment and watch one of many client testimonials about the tremendous value companies receive when they engage the Generational consulting team.

Getting Started

To help you develop your plan, we first analyze your company’s:

  • Financials
  • Culture
  • Customer base
  • SWOT
  • Competition and competitive advantage
  • Strategic identity
  • Key performance indicators
  • Performance and profitability of customers
  • Products and services

We also create a Leadership Development Plan that identifies specific steps for company management.

Our experienced, professional team will lead you through a process that helps you identify:

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT)
  • Megatrends affecting future demand
  • Competitive Advantage – the 5 competitive forces that shape your industry
  • Roles and key responsibilities
  • Culture and its ability to execute new strategy
  • Preliminary Estimate of Value

The outcome of your plan includes:

  • Key objectives to accomplish in the next 3 to 5 years
  • A long-term vision for sustainable growth
  • Highest ROI strategic initiatives
  • A Strategy Statement describing where to compete and how to win
  • Strategic Initiatives Summary (Strategy Map)

Some of the primary goals:

  • Tactics that support initiatives with timelines
  • Facilitate strategy review meeting
  • Evaluate resource allocation for execution
  • Balanced scorecard & KPIs to measure progress

The strategy session is a great team-building session to:

  • Create stakeholder buy-in and ownership
  • Identify the highest ROI strategic initiatives
  • Ensure accountability with key leadership
  • Increase the growth trajectory of your company
  • Provide organizational alignment
  • Build momentum and confidence in your company’s future growth

Generational Consulting Team

Generational’s growth consultants are made up of former CEOs, C-suite executives, and seasoned management consultants.

Steve Carter Profile Photo: B&W photo

Steve Carter

Senior Business Strategist

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T.D. Decker Profile Photo: B&W photo

T.D. Decker

President, Generational Consulting Group

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Eric Sandberg Profile Photo: B&W photo

Eric Sandberg

Senior Business Strategist

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Rob McCleland Profile Photo: B&W photo

Rob McCleland

Senior M&A Advisor, Senior Business Strategist

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Mark McKearn Profile Photo: B&W photo

Mark McKearn

Senior Business Strategist

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Gary Polsen

Senior Business Strategist

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Michael Querard Profile Photo: B&W photo

Michael J. Querard

Senior M&A Advisor, Senior Business Strategist

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Rae Anne Payleitner

Consulting Analyst

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Chuck Thomas Profile Photo: B&W photo

Chuck Thomas

Senior Business Strategist

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Sam Yeager Profile Photo: B&W photo

Sam Yeager

Consulting Analyst

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Nate Morris Profile Photo: B&W photo

Nate Morris

Consulting Manager

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