Growth and Exit Strategies Conference

In just a single day, we distill over 25 years of tried-and-tested M&A strategies. More than 110,000 business owners have already gained invaluable insights into preparing themselves for market readiness. Is it your turn? Preparation is key when selling for maximum value. Learn the key strategies of the M&A process by attending the Growth and Exit Strategies Conference.

Generational Executive Conference

Attending a Generational conference could be your best business decision ever. This complimentary conference provides you with must-have knowledge, insights, and practical strategies on how to grow and exit successfully in today’s market.

You’ll also learn business valuation and value enhancement tactics to determine how and when to sell a business for optimal value, because timing is critical. Let’s get started.

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Preparation is Key

At Generational, our experienced M&A professionals work closely with business owners to help them determine the best timing and direction that will help them reach their goals.

Business Valuation
You will learn the myths & fallacies surrounding business valuation and how to unlock hidden value.

Building a Buyer-ready business
Learn how how to see your business through the eyes of the buyer, the benefits of being prepared, and how that makes a difference at the closing table.

The M&A Sales process
You’ll learn the 16 steps needed to take you from the start of the selling process to a successful exit, as well as the difference between our professional approach compared to other M&A firms.

Becoming an optimal Seller
We discuss what makes a seller desirable in the buyer’s eyes and learn why it is as much about the owner of the business as the business itself.

Our educational conferences are one-day events. We start with registration and complimentary breakfast at 7:30 am with a prompt start at 8:00 am. The conference concludes between 3:30 and 4:00 pm. View the full agenda here.

No. The Growth and Exit Strategies Conference is complimentary.

For more information about growing or selling your business, get in touch with one of our Senior Business Advisors today by calling  +1-972-232-1121 or enter your zip code to find the next Growth and Exit Strategies conference near you: Register

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