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Our experienced professionals guide you through the entire M&A process. We help you avoid obstacles that can cost you both time and money. Learn what our experience can do for you.

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Selling a business is serious business

Generational provides exit strategies and comprehensive insights that can best position your business for the market. Our M&A professionals will guide you through each step of the M&A process as you work together to reach your acquistion goals.

Our number one goal is to find the optimal buyer for you and your company. We take time to create the right buyer list that is well-researched. We look for strategic, financial, family offices, and synergistic buyers that are the best fit for your business.

At Generational, we steer clear of the generic, one-size-fits-all approach often used by other firms. Instead, we dedicate the necessary time to understanding your unique situation, financial objectives, and company dynamics; allowing us to identify the most suitable buyers. Furthermore, we ensure that any buyer list we create receives your final approval.

Closing a transaction requires thorough negotiations over the details that ultimately affect you, the seller. Our deal teams are familiar with the hurdles that can arise during negotiations and their years of experience will work to your advantage. The Generational M&A professionals are powerful allies during the crucial stages of business negotiations.

Every client is unique. They have personal, financial, and business goals that require custom structuring of their deal. Our M&A advisors are diligent in learning and understanding the needs of our clients and their business. We work hard to negotiate the optimal deal for you; transactions that provide not only the valuation required but deal structures that protect you (and your business) over the long term.

A typical due diligence checklist consists of 200-300 detailed questions covering every aspect of your business from sales and marketing to HR, IT, operations, and accounting. This is where most deals can fall apart, especially if the documentation is not accurate and readily available to provide buyers. Prior to entering this critical phase, our deal teams work hard to get the client and his/her team ready for the types of questions that will often arise.

The last three to four months of a transaction, which is when due diligence occurs, can be the most grueling part of the process for a business owner.

Exiting a company through either an acquisition or merger event is a substantial undertaking for most business owners. Far too many owners put off planning to sell their business because the task can be very daunting. Our M&A professionals have decades of collective experience working with clients to ensure their customized plan is designed to help them reach their goals.

Just as each owner is unique, so too are each of our transactions. We tailor our exit planning advice to your specific needs.

At Generational, we not only prepare the evaluation of your company, we also create all marketing documentation. This includes the Confidential Information Memorandum, Confidential Business Profile, and Non-Disclosure Agreement that we have all potential buyers sign before providing any information on your business.

Buyers like working with our M&A advisors because they know our documentation will be accurate, thorough, and in a format that allows them to easily discern why your opportunity makes sense for them.

Also known as partial sales, minority equity transactions are usually structured so that the seller is allowed to retain a minority equity position in the company while receiving payment for the equity transferred to new owners. This is a great structure if you are willing to stay with the newly recapitalized business for an indefinite period of time.

It allows you to participate in a “second bite of the apple” when the much larger entity is sold (or taken public) at a later date and you have experienced M&A advisors to guide you through the process. Typically equity firms “bolt” these partial sale transactions onto their existing platforms in order to grow the platform company.

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