Executive Conference Agenda

Start Time

7:30 – 8:00 am Registration and Breakfast.

Morning Session

Building a Buyer-Ready Business

You’ll understand how to see your business through the eyes of the buyer, the benefits of being prepared and how that makes a difference at the closing table.

Growing Profits and Cash Flow

Most entrepreneurs try to stimulate growth by working hard and spending more money. You will learn the professional process for generating INTENTIONAL growth without adding resources.

Common Seller Mistakes

Selling your business yourself can be costly, and you could risk losing out on a substantial amount of value. We look at the common pitfalls many owners make when they attempt a DIY sale without the proper training, including selling to the wrong buyer and entering the process not knowing the value of their company.

Business Valuation

You’ll become aware of the myths & fallacies surrounding business valuation and learn how to unlock hidden value within your financials.

Working Lunch

Becoming an Optimal Seller

We will discuss what makes a seller desirable in the buyer’s eyes. HINT: It’s about the owners themselves as much as the business.

Presenting Your Company to Buyers

You will see actual documents that buyers respect and understand. We will show you how to explain the past but sell the future in a way that will cause buyers to pay for what hasn’t happened yet.

The M&A Sales Process

You’ll discover how to identify and approach the right buyers, which ones to avoid, and how we can introduce your business to a network of buyers.

Afternoon Session

Identifying and Accessing Buyers

You’ll discover how to identify and approach the right buyers, which ones to avoid and how we are able to introduce your business to a network of buyers.

Negotiating and Structuring a Deal

You’ll gain a greater appreciation of the importance of negotiations in a deal, how professionals get the best price in the shortest time, and how to manage multiple buyers to obtain the highest possible selling price.

Forms of Payment

You’ll finish by learning about the different forms of payment and how to best protect your new lifestyle.

Calculation of Enterprise Value

We will explore how to calculate a business’s enterprise value following the accepted buyer methodology. HINT: It has nothing to do with multiples or formulas.

Should I Grow or Should I Sell?

We will learn how to determine the return on investment your business generates and if that is the right way to invest your money.

How to Grow Profits and Cash Flow with a Strategic Growth Plan

We will learn the secrets of profit growth that big companies understand but small firms tend to ignore. Regardless of your industry or size, we will see how the Pareto principle will reveal rapid and intentional growth opportunities.

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