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Selling a Business

Perfect the art of selling your company to achieve optimal value.

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Value Enhancement

The Roadmap to Enhancing Value planning tool identifies key areas in which your business can improve its value while preparing you for a successful exit. This document will prepare you for the critical due diligence phase of the process.

Negotiating the Sale

As your business attracts offers, your dealmaker will navigate the process to a deal that reflects your goals and objectives. At the negotiation table, your deal team brings the experience and valuable guidance to help ensure you realize maximum enterprise value.

Strategic Marketing

Our deal team markets your business to a wide audience of potential buyers that are seeking companies like yours. This may include private equity, family offices, offshore buyers, and public strategics with the goal of creating a limited auction specifically designed for your company.

Own your future with a tailored exit strategy

Generational’s process helps business owners unlock the full potential value of their company. Create the legacy you deserve with an award-winning mergers and acquisitions firm.

Experience you can count on

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your growth, increase your value or prepare your company for a successful exit, the professionals at Generational can help.

Before you are ready to sell your business, we’ll answer your number one question, “What is my business worth?”. To achieve that answer, our evaluation professionals ask the right questions that help us analyze your business. They’ll recast your financials and analyze your intangible assets, presenting them in a way that can help unlock hidden value. At the conclusion of the process, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of the enterprise value range of your business.

Whether you’re ready to sell your business the day you receive your valuation or you decide to wait, the good news is you will have a much deeper understanding of your position. Should you decide to move forward, we will begin by compiling comprehensive documentation that is needed to attract optimal buyers.

Should you decide to accept an offer, we begin the next phase: deal structuring. This is crucial to your overall success. Having worked with you from the beginning, your deal team understands your personal & professional goals.

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