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Keeping Golden Bear “Golden”

After working with Generational Consulting Group to uncover the opportunities in their business, John Reese and Jack Nicklaus II couldn’t be more excited to execute their strategic growth plan and drive the future of their company.

How the Generational Consulting Group helped the Nicklaus Companies grow its global business.

With a legacy stretching over 50 years, the Nicklaus Companies is a clear leader in the golf industry on a global scale, inspired by the reputation and vision of its legendary Founder Jack Nicklaus.  While a dominant force in the business of golf, real estate, branding and merchandising, the company recognized that it, like most companies, had become too caught up in day-to-day activities and needed professional guidance to help develop strategies that could make a real difference to the business and its success for both today and the future.  In 2021, CEO John Reese and Nicklaus Design President Jack Nicklaus II gathered the company’s management team to meet with team of professionals at Generational Group Consulting. 

After several days of a customized program specific to the company, the leadership team left energized to execute a collaborative plan and its path for success.  Together we uncovered numerous opportunities for growth, helped build a better understanding of their team members, and established a plan of 50+ items to execute that will enable them to reach their targets.  Exit interviews resulted in comments like: “I had no idea what to expect going in, but I left being blown away by the process and fired up to execute our plan.”; “Deep reflection and contemplative collaboration unearthed both assets and opportunities for the company and a path for the future.”; “Generational brought our team closer together like never before – those cohesive bonds changed people and created a force that lives today.”
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We discovered that we spent a lot of time doing our day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month things, and didn’t focus on what could really make a difference in the company. That’s what came out of this and everybody’s excited about it.

John Reese | Nicklaus Companies

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