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Following his experience with Generational Consulting Group, Blake Smith was left in no doubt that the investment made in this advice would be offset by the value of a clear, actionable plan to expand his business.

How Generational Consulting Group Helped Blake Smith Grow His Business

It didn’t take Blake Smith long to realize that the investment made in Generational Consulting Group would provide great value with the development of a clear plan to expand his business, and the potential to create a whole new, growth-oriented culture within the company.

Blake was incredibly impressed with the insight that our experts had about their business needs, enabling his team to produce a unique step-by-step plan that he knows they can implement. With a roadmap for success now in place, Blake is enthusiastic for the opportunity to create a whole new future for The Decor Group.

If you’re looking for advice on how to spur growth in your business, speak to one of our Senior Business Strategists today.

We have never felt more confident about what we’ll be able to do as an organization and the future of our company.

Blake Smith | The Decor Group

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