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Thanks to a range of eye-opening exercises, assessments and discussions, B Carrington received a strategic growth plan that he felt extremely confident will help build sales and achieve the growth his company is seeking.

How Generational Consulting Group Helped B Carrington Grow His Business

Family-owned and operated since 1971, B Carrington is rightly proud of how far Carrington Foods has come. However, he knew there was room for improvement, and reached out to Generational Consulting Group to help build sales. What he received was nothing short of an inspirational, eye-opening experience.

Our team helped Carrington discover that 80% of his products were not driving the profit they anticipated, and that they could afford to reduce their SKUs by 50% and free up capacity for more profitable products while significantly improving profits. Insights such as this gathered during this process helped form a clear, easy to follow strategic growth plan that Carrington is confident will reap great results for his company.

If you’re looking for advice on how to spur growth in your business, speak to one of our Senior Business Strategists today.

I highly recommend Generational Consulting Group to anyone who is stuck in a rut with their sales and looking to grow a massive amount in a short amount of time – these are your guys.

B Carrington | Carrington Foods

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