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Filling the Gaps

By identifying and addressing the weaknesses that were acting as barriers to growth, Bob Skillen is now more confident than ever in his team’s ability to elevate his company to new heights.

How Generational Consulting Group Helped Bob Skillen Grow His Business

As an exceptional high-tech aerospace manufacturing company, Bob Skillen and the team at VX Aerospace are really good at what they do. But, where they struggled was in transitioning this quality of service into sustainable growth. After talking to the team at Generational Consulting Group, they now have the plan they needed to take the business to new heights.

Through this meticulous process, Bob and colleagues identified the weaknesses that were restricting the potential of the company as a whole and as individual members of the team. Alongside our associates, they developed a plan of action to correct those weaknesses, which will enable everyone to be even more productive in future.

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I’m thrilled that everybody’s motivated to execute the plan that we made together as a group – it was a wonderful experience.

Bob Skillen | VX Aerospace

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