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An Enlightening Experience

An eye-opening three days with Generational Consulting Group’s associates left Shawn Heinen with a clear strategic growth plan, and a stronger team dynamic to help him execute it.

How Generational Consulting Group Helped Shawn Heinen Grow His Business

In order to help his growing synthetic turf maintenance company reach the next level, Shawn Heinen reached out to the team at Generational Consulting Group to work on a pragmatic strategic growth plan. What he received was a truly remarkable experience.

Spending three days working in tandem with our associates, Shawn came away with an actionable, comprehensive plan that will enable his business to grow 50% in the next three years. In addition, these exercises brought the entire GreensGroomer team together, putting everyone on the same page toward achieving this growth.

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The team had never really done this kind of activity before, and it proved to be a very eye-opening, enlightening experience.

Shawn Heinen | Greens Groomer

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