Over Under Clothing

Working Together for Growth

Bryan Horn received more than a clear strategic growth plan from working with Generational Consulting Group – he gained a more connected, understanding team to help him execute it as effectively as possible.

How Generational Consulting Group Helped Bryan Horn Grow His Business

In less than three days, Bryan Horn and the team at Over Under Clothing didn’t just develop a clear, concise and actionable plan for their company’s growth – they built stronger, lasting bonds within their workforce that will go a long way towards executing that plan.

Getting to know Bryan and his team on both a professional and personal level, our associates at Generational Consulting Group conducted several team-building exercises that helped them understand each other better than before. Now, they are all working on the same page on their personalized roadmap for financial success.

If you’re looking for advice on how to spur growth in your business, speak to our associates today.

I can’t speak enough about the positive impact that I think this is going to have on our company.

Bryan Horn | Over Under Clothing

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