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Breaking the Pateau

When Michelle & Jeff Ber noticed their business had hit a lull after several years of growth, our associates worked closely with them to pinpoint areas of improvement and put their company back on the right track.

How Generational Consulting Group Helped Michelle & Jeff Ber Grow Their Business

After several years of consistent growth of their lighting company, Michelle & Jeff Ber recognized that they had hit a plateau. To move beyond this lull, they realized that they needed a clear plan of action – one that our associates at Generational Consulting Group were more than happy to provide.

Working in regular communication with Michelle & Jeff, we honed in on the nature of their business, pinpointing its upsides and areas that could be refined. This led to the development of their comprehensive strategic growth plan, one that both owners are confident will make a huge difference to their business long term.

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Having GCG come in and focus all this information down, show us what we’re doing right and where we can improve, was like shining a big light on everything.

Michelle Ber | Anthology Lighting

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