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A+ rated by the BBB

By Generational Equity

BBB Rated

With 99.99% of clients satisfied with our service, we are A+ rated by The Better Business Bureau.

We are extremely proud of our A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau. We have worked hard to build such strong working relationships with our clients over the years, and their consistent happiness with our service is a reflection of the high standards that we achieve throughout the business.

What does an A+ rating actually mean?

If you take a look at The BBB website for yourself, you will see we are one of just a handful of companies that can claim such an impressive and consistent rate of client satisfaction. But what does our A+ rating actually mean?

The BBB bases its ratings on a scoring scale of 13 factors. These are things like the volume of complaints, the number of unresolved or unanswered complaints, failures to address a complaint pattern and the amount of time a company has been in business. In order for us to achieve our A+ rating, we need a score of at least 97 out of 100. But because The BBB also uses negative scores in their rating system, our score as a percentage of the entire scale is actually more like 99.2%. Or, in other words, we achieved perfect scores on at least ten out of the 13 factors.

Taking customer care seriously

But we’re not perfect. Miscommunication happens and on the very rare occasions when one of our clients is not completely happy with our service – currently less than 1 out of every 1000 clients – we always act quickly to ensure a swift settlement and satisfactory resolution for the individual or company concerned.

In fact, you can see this for yourself on The BBB website. We have been able to respond to and resolve all of the 9 complaints left about our business just by talking to the client and understanding their needs. No bad blood, no legal action, just a swift and satisfactory solution to small misunderstandings.

The vast majority of these clients have since apologized for going to The BBB without speaking to us first. Indeed, many of them have actually written to The BBB, requesting that their reports are taken down. Unfortunately, The BBB lists all complaints for a minimum of three years. So, while many of our clients wish their comments weren’t on the website, The BBB continues to show them. Although our clients and ourselves may not think it is an accurate reflection of the facts, the resolved issues listed nevertheless show our commitment to customer care.

If you are a client and wish to speak to someone about an issue, or leave feedback about our service, please feel free to send us a message, or speak to someone immediately using our urgent contact number. Business owners that are considering using us to grow and exit their companies can also use the above methods of contact in order to speak to someone in more detail about our service and our company in general.

Whatever your issue or query, big or small, we’re dedicated to helping you as best we can. And that’s why The BBB rates us so highly.