Nov 2018 | California

K-Fab Acquired By DPMS

DPMS acquired Generational Equity client K-Fab Inc. on November 29, 2018.

Founded in 1980, K-Fab operates a 22,000-square-foot precision machine shop making parts for a variety of end markets including military, semiconductor, and aerospace industries.

The company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and has a committed focus to high quality and on-time delivery. Services provided include finishing and coating, welding and bonding, honing, grinding, lapping, heat treating, chemical cleaning, and NDT and destructive testing.

For over 30 years DPMS has provided the highest level of service and product quality to its customers by providing a wide range of precision machining solutions. DPMS is well equipped to deliver complex machine tooling projects, design for manufacturability assignments, assembly services, and precision machining projects on time. DPMS is a portfolio company of Gladstone Investment Corporation.

Gladstone Investment Corporation (“Gladstone”) is a publicly traded business development company focused on acquiring mature, lower middle market companies with $20 to $100 million in revenue, attractive fundamentals, and strong management teams.

Investing alongside both management teams and independent sponsors, Gladstone typically provides most, if not all, of the equity and debt capital required to close a transaction, which greatly increases the certainty and speed of closing. Additionally, as a publicly traded fund, it differs from other private equity funds in that it has no partnership end-of-life deadlines and can provide truly patient, long-term capital.

Senior M&A Advisor Jim Hermann, supported by Managing Director Mike Meredith, carried the deal to a successful close. Senior Managing Director Tom Braun established the initial relationship with K-Fab.

“This transaction had a lot of moving parts, which caused it to take longer than normal to close,” said Hermann.

“However, due to the cooperation of all the parties it ended with a positive result for everyone.”

The dedication and commitment of our dealmakers help to finalize potentially challenging transactions, and reach a conclusion that achieves the goals of both our clients and professional buyers.

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