Feb 2022 | California

Geoflow Acquired By CAST Environmental Holdings

We are pleased to announce the sale of our client Geoflow, Inc. to CAST Environmental Holdings, LLC. The acquisition closed February 2, 2022.

Located in Corte Madre, California, Geoflow has actively specialized in subsurface drip irrigation since 1985. Time tested and proven, Geoflow is a world leader in providing components and systems for effluent dispersal and water reuse. The unique patented technologies disperse water in the shallow, bioactive soil layer while solving the issues of root intrusion and biological fouling.

CAST Environmental Holdings and Anua, located in Greensboro, North Carolina, is an American manufacturer of clean water and clean air solutions serving onsite wastewater treatment and odor control industries. Their name is derived from the Irish word “athnuaigh” meaning “to renew”.

They provide a variety of sustainable technologies that can be integrated to simplify life and complement the natural environment. Their team ensures this nature-friendly legacy continues by striving to be the most knowledgeable and people-oriented in the industry.

According to Colin Bishop, CAST Partner and new CEO, “I have known Rodney Ruskin and Karen Ruskin Ferguson for over 25 years. I started as a Geoflow distributor in Arizona in the late 1990s and have always been passionate about drip irrigation.”

“Rodney’s and Karen’s vision and enthusiasm for drip irrigation is unmatched. We are thrilled to carry on the outstanding work of Geoflow in developing countless innovations in advancing drip technology as the optimum solution for soil dispersal of non-potable water effluent.”

Karen Ruskin Ferguson, former Geoflow President and Owner adds, “Geoflow is at the core of the Ruskin family’s passion, vision, and commitment to a better world.”

Water is crucial to our future and Geoflow is a leader in utilizing subsurface drip irrigation for wastewater effluent and to optimize water delivery in the soil. We also solved the technical issues of root intrusion and biological fouling of driplines with patented ROOTGUARD® and GEOSHIELD® technology.”

“Along with our valued customers, we have been able to live our passion and see our vision fulfilled. The future of Geoflow is bright as CAST shares our vision and we are confident they will build on our solid legacy.”

Generational Equity Executive Managing Director of M&A – Western Region, Stephen Crisham, and his team, led by Managing Director Mergers & Acquisitions, James Hermann, with support by Managing Director, M&A, Chad Comroe, closed the transaction. Executive Managing Director Tom Braun established the initial relationship with Geoflow.

“While this was a complicated transaction involving several entities in various countries, all parties involved were very cooperative and professional, allowing for a successful conclusion,” said Hermann.

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