Oct 2023 | Virginia

Busada Manufacturing in its Sale to Private Investor

We are pleased to share the sale of our client Busada Manufacturing Corp. to a Private Investor. The acquisition closed on October 6, 2023.

Founded in 1951, and located in Louisa, Virginia, Busada Manufacturing Corp. (BMC) is one of the nation’s leading producers of transparent butyrate tubing and pipe. BMC manufactures high-quality plastic tubing but specializes in transparent resins. Busada’s primary product, Busada 200®, is a rigid clear plastics tubing extruded from Tenite Butyrate, a cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) compound.

BMC’s products include clear pipe and tubing of different shapes, lengths and diameters, as well as bends, sleeves, couplings, caps, and food grade tubing. BMC’s services include custom tubing fabrication and design. Creativity and Innovation are woven into the very fabric of BMC, having developed hundreds of unique and proprietary processes and products.

With five profile extruders, a mini extruder, a full-service thermoplastic fabrication department, and an experienced team, BMC is equipped to work on various thermoplastic prototypes for any kind of custom tubing fabrication needs.

Some of the Company’s skill sets and resources available include extrusion, blocking, bending, lathing, core-cutting, solvent/UV/and mini extruder welding, routing, sanding, polishing, static coating, nearly 20 different varieties of saws, and a large stock of clear tube, pipe, available for fabrication.

Generational Equity Executive Managing Director, M&A-Technology Practice Leader, David Fergusson, Dan Bernstein a Generational Group Authorized Affiliate, with the support of Managing Director, M&A, Corey Painter, successfully closed the transaction. Senior Managing Director David Robinson established the initial relationship with BMC.

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