What is Exit Planning?

By Generational Equity


One of the most difficult decisions a business owner can face, and the one most put off far too long, is how and when to exit from the company they created and nurtured. For many, the business is completely intertwined with their psyche. The thought of eventually leaving and, even more so, the notion of someone else running the business, is unsettling and sometimes downright distasteful.

Fortunately, Generational Equity and its team of skilled exit planning advisors and dealmakers, are specialists in helping entrepreneurs consider and plan for an exit via the transfer of the business to a third-party owner. In many cases, once we have helped the founder realize that under new ownership, the business may actually be able to grow beyond what was possible under original ownership, the idea of selling and moving on to the next phase of life starts to look very desirable.

But getting to that point is not always easy!

Our process starts by having the business owner attend one of our exit planning conferences. We have designed these to be highly educational, informative, and require no obligation on the attendee’s part at all (other than a few hours of time). In fact these are complimentary. We firmly believe that the nation is facing a crisis over the next 20 years as more and more baby boomer business owners are forced to consider exiting under less-than-desirable circumstances.

So, our goal is to help them not only come to the realization that an exit will eventually occur, but to also methodically and properly prepare both the business and the owner (and in many cases the entrepreneur’s family) for an orderly exit.

But This Does Not Happen Overnight!

Our motto is simple: Selling a business to an optimal buyer at an ideal price is a PROCESS not an EVENT.

Far too many business owners do not realize that the time to start planning for an exit is from the day you first open the doors of the business. Why? Because every decision you make over time should be with this goal in mind.

How does this better prepare the company for a buyer? How can we reduce the risk associated with this company so buyers are comfortable and believe our future is secure upon my exit?

These questions are critical to your ongoing decision-making process, but especially so in the 3-5 years before your actual exit. That is why we invite business owners to our conferences, many of whom have no exit plans formed at all. The education on how and when to exit for the most profit begins at our conference.

So What is Exit Planning?

It is taking control of your financial heritage and the legacy you will be leaving with the company once you eventually exit. And all you have to do to start is set aside a few hours to attend a Generational Equity conference. You will find it extremely valuable. Don’t just take my word for it, here is what a few of our clients have said about the value of attending:

If you are interested in taking control of your future and planning for an orderly exit from your company, then you really need to attend one of our conferences in your area. The following links will help you do so:

By Carl Doerksen, Director of Corporate Development at Generational Equity.

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