The Value of M&A Advice

By Generational Equity


Good guidance is nearly impossible to quantify. You know it when you don’t get it, but if you don’t, sadly it is too late!

How often do business owners approach the sale of their companies just like they would the sale of their car, boat or home?

Far too often from our experience!

The reality is that data proves having experienced M&A advisors at your side can help you close a transaction at a substantial profit. Here is some data from a study done a few years ago that supports that conclusion:

Value of M&A Advice

Source: The Value of Middle Market Investment Bankers

One of the most important “intangibles” found when hiring an M&A advisor is the fact that, instead of needing to run your company AND manage the M&A process simultaneously, you can focus on the management of your business and let the professional M&A folks do what they do best.  All the steps outlined above can take key management away from the vital task of running the company if an M&A advisor is not used to manage the process.

This is one of the key areas many business owners overlook when they take their companies to market. It is VITAL to maintain operations, growth, and profitability while in the market looking for buyers. Don’t just take my word for it, listen to a few of our clients on this topic:

So, heed the advice of this study: If you want an optimal deal with an optimal buyer, with a deal structure that benefits you, hire a professional M&A firm to represent you!

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Carl Doerksen is the Director of Corporate Development at Generational Equity.

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