From the Desk of Ryan Binkley, President & CEO of Generational Group – December 2020

By Generational Group


Happy Holidays from the Generational Team! 

As 2020 draws to a close, this is a time we can all reflect on the past year and look at the many things we have to be thankful for. I believe this is always important, but perhaps this year even more so.

All of us, both individually and as business leaders, have faced significant challenges, many of which are unprecedented in our lifetimes.

What makes me most grateful in 2020 is the extraordinary resilience, dedication, and creativity our clients have exhibited in the face of these times. It has truly been inspiring to hear their stories and be blessed to participate in their lives as their growth and exit planning advisors.

It is really an honor to help our clients reach their financial dreams and goals. Certainly, the first quarter of 2020 was a challenge for closing deals as we all learned how to conduct due diligence and negotiate with buyers via Zoom meetings! But we have been truly blessed and will finish 2020 with another record year in deal closings, helping our clients leave the legacy they so well deserve.

No matter what your timing might be, please know we stand ready to help you on your growth and exit journey.

As you know from attending one of our conferences, the wealth of knowledge you will gain is well worth the investment of time. It is even more impactful now that we have added invaluable insight on growth strategies. Now, more than ever before, business owners need to carefully consider, and plan for, their financial futures.

If you are interested in learning more about all our services, or if you are interested in attending one of our growth strategy and exit planning executive meetings, please call us at 972-232-1121 or send an email to

In closing, we once again wish you, and your loved ones continued safety and good health during this time.

Happy Holidays and many blessings!

Ryan Binkley
President & CEO, Generational Group