Educational Exit Planning Seminars for Business Owners

By Generational Equity


M&A advisory firm Generational Equity holds complimentary seminars around the United States and Canada to educate middle-market business owners about how and when to exit a business for the most profit.

A few things you will learn at the conference include:

  • How to find optimal buyers for your company
  • What buyers look for in a business acquisition  
  • Common, costly pitfalls to avoid 
  • How your business can "pay you" after you exit

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We value privacy, and all information discussed will be kept completely confidential.

Is It Worth My Time? 

Absolutely. But if you're not convinced, listen to what a few of our attendees had to say about the exit planning workshop.

“As owner and operator of a small business, to set aside an entire day is difficult no matter what. If the seminar hadn’t been interesting enough, I probably would have left midway through. But it was a good use of my time whether I chose to go forward with the M&A or not.” 

– Warren Peck, former owner of aviation maintenance & repair company

“I would certainly recommend the Generational Equity seminar to other prospective sellers of their companies. It really brings into sharp focus all the issues that a person should be aware of when contemplating selling their company.” 

– Chris Ludwig, former owner of refrigerant processing company 

Sample Conference Agenda

Business Valuation

  • Building value vs. growing a business 
  • Value myths exposed – P/E ratios, multiples and book values alone mean less money for you 
  • Exit strategy and timing 
  • Presenting your financials properly 

Packaging Your Proposal

  • Seeing your business through the eyes of the buyer 
  • Explaining your company's past; documenting its future potential 
  • Creating your "document of value" 

The M&A Sales Process

  • 12 steps to take you from the start of the selling process to a successful close 
  • Common and costly pitfalls to avoid 

Computing the Value of Your Business

  • Demystifying M&A jargon – CAPM, discount rate, beta factor, terminal value and more 

Identifying and Accessing Buyers

  • How to identify and approach the right buyers 
  • Which buyers to avoid and why 
  • Why big companies buy small companies 
  • Even the odds when dealing with sophisticated buyers who purchase several businesses each year 
  • Why your most likely buyer may not be the best buyer 

Negotiating and Structuring the Deal

  • Negotiating mistakes to avoid 
  • How professionals may get the best price in the shortest time 
  • Managing multiple buyers to obtain the highest possible selling price 
  • Deal structures designed to give you more cash with less risk

Forms of Payment

  • Increasing your total purchase price through stock, royalties, license fees and consulting fees 
  • Making your business "pay you" even after you exit 
  • Important legal and tax considerations 
  • Protecting your lifestyle and estate needs 

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