Generational Master Classes

Growth and exit strategies are essential to business owners looking to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of their ventures. Choosing the right growth and exit strategy will save you time, money and will help you make more of an informed decision. We’ve helped thousands of business owners prepare for a liquidity event. Let us help you.

Knowledge is Power

Do you have questions surrounding effective, progressive growth strategies & exiting at the right time? Join our team of experienced professionals as they guide you through your options that can maximize your value. Learn the insights that other business owners have applied to create generational wealth.

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  • Exit Planning – My Critical Advantage
  • Selling My Business the Right Way
  • Internal Valuation of My Business
  • External Valuation of My Business
  • What Buyers Want
  • Creating Strategic Growth
  • Q&A with My Advisors

No, they are free. Just register and explore our great content.

Exiting a business or growing your company are big and complicated challenges. Generational Master Classes tee up the most important issues that business owners should consider. With clear examples and engaging trainers, the content is easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to apply. Business owners who have specific questions can set up a free confidential meeting with one of Generational’s Managing Directors.

The average course is 15 minutes and consists of 4-6 videos.

Absolutely! All of the topics are geared toward practical advice that will lead to achieving maximum value whether you want to exit or grow.