Jan 2022 | Colorado

Western Livestock Journal Acquired By National Livestock

We are pleased to share the sale of our client, Crow Publications, Inc. (dba Western Livestock Journal), to National Livestock. The acquisition closed January 14, 2022.

Since 1922, Crow Publications has published the Western Livestock Journal (WLJ), the nation’s leading source for beef industry news. Subscribers can choose weekly home delivery and/or online access. The Western Livestock Journal is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

The WLJ gives readers livestock news that is concise, timely and relevant, including breaking livestock market reports. The company has the latest research on animal health, innovative management techniques and strategies, new findings on forage and range management, and more seedstock market reports than any other publication.

WLJ will continue with business as usual, striving to keep its readers well informed and up to date on current livestock news, market information and agricultural policy issues, but the publication looks forward to becoming an even larger voice and guide for the ag industry with its new and expanded resources.

National Livestock is dedicated to being the first choice for cattle marketing, risk management, order buying services, and cattle financing. The company specializes in providing first-class service to those in the cattle business.

Because their primary focus is the cattle industry, they are uniquely equipped to concentrate efforts so that customers’ cattle operations receive the very best in buying, selling, and financial services. National Livestock is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Oklahoma National Stockyards.

Under National Livestock’s direction, the 100-year-old publication (WLJ) will gain opportunities for tremendous growth in the livestock news industry, while remaining the local producer’s leading source for accurate and unbiased livestock news.

“We congratulate Western Livestock Journal on their contribution to the industry for the past 100 years,” said Danny Jones with National Livestock.

“We are looking forward to being a part of the future of WLJ, and we believe the firm foundation built has paved the way for expanded service to producers.”

Western Livestock Journal was established in 1922 by Nelson Crow and remained family-owned through Crow Publications for three generations. Under new ownership, the publication will remain a pillar of the industry, with the same emphasis on customer service and unbiased, fair reporting.

“It was a tough decision to end the 100-year legacy of the Crow family publishing Western Livestock Journal,” said Pete Crow, former owner.

“However, it was one that had to be made – there is no fourth generation to operate the business. National Livestock will be a good steward of WLJ, and I will continue to write my column as long as I’m relevant to the livestock industry.”

Generational Equity Executive Managing Director of M&A – Western Region, Stephen Crisham and his team, led by Managing Director, Chad Comroe, successfully closed the deal. Senior Managing Director Tom Braun established the initial relationship with The Western Livestock Journal.

“The Western Livestock Journal was in the Crow family for 100 years, and it was important to find the best home,” said Comroe.

“We are excited to see what the two companies can accomplish together in the future.”

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