Aug 2009 | Ohio

US Logistics Acquired By Ranger International

US Logistics is a veteran-owned company with over 600 employees specializing in logistics and support services for the US military and private companies. US Logistics’ six divisions provide a variety of world-class support services including the maintenance and modification of tactical vehicles, aircraft maintenance services, warehouse and logistics solutions, human resources outsourcing, and staffing.

US Logistics has become a worldwide leader in outsourced services by combining a highly trained, diverse workforce with state of the art technology. Ranger is a private equity consolidator specialized in the aviation industry, with past successes in large scale airfield servicing operations. Ranger's newest investment platform is called Ranger International Services Group, Inc., which acquired a majority stake in CAV International in the 1st quarter of 2009 and in US Logistics in the 3rd quarter of 2009.

The opportunities of US Logistics working with the affiliated CAV operations will enable the combined entity to provide a broader geographic presence and offer more services to its growing customer base. Both Ranger subsidiaries are continuing to grow steadily, with robust bidding pipelines and significant opportunities for expansion. As a part of the transaction, Mike Boyce will join Ranger International as President of the holding company in addition to continuing in his leadership roles as President and CEO of US Logistics.

“This acquisition provides us with the resources and momentum required to be more competitive in the marketplace and serve larger, more diverse customers,” said Mike Boyce, President and CEO of US Logistics. “It also expands the career opportunities for our highly specialized employees.” Ranger International’s investment in US Logistics comes on the heels of its acquisition of government outsourcing contractor CAV International, Inc. which was also represented by Generational Equity. CAV International provides specialized airfield services and logistics in the growing military outsourcing arena.

Total employment across US Logistics and CAV International by the end of 2009 will be over 1,000 skilled professionals specialized in the servicing of military vehicles and aircraft. Overall size of the enterprise will be roughly $100 Million by year-end. Tom Staszak, Generational Equity’s lead managing director for the transaction stated, “There are a large number of investment groups interested in the government outsourcing area. US Logistics explored a wide range of potential growth strategies before deciding to partner with Ranger and CAV International. It is a testament to the outstanding organization created by the US Logistics team that there was a significant amount of interest in the company. Mr. Boyce chose a strong partner that is committed to the rapid growth and long-term success of US Logistics to enable the strongest future for the Company and its personnel.” About Ranger International Services Group Ranger International is an investment platform of private equity consolidator Ranger Aerospace, LLC. Led by veteran aerospace CEO Steve Townes, Ranger Aerospace is committed to partnering with private equity institutions to acquire and grow companies in the aviation services and aerospace support operations industry.

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