Jan 2023 | North Carolina

TransTech Acquired By Polar Peak Capital

We are pleased to announce the sale of our client, TransTech, Inc. to Polar Peak Capital. The acquisition closed January 20, 2023.

TransTech, located in Newton, North Carolina is a commercial driver’s license (CDL) training school and third-party CDL testing administrator, providing training and education for students seeking to enter the commercial trucking industry. The programs are small in size and up-to-date with modern equipment, and the Company has experienced a high rate of student career placement since inception. 

TransTech’s excellent industry reputation, partnerships, and family atmosphere has established the Company as one of the leading commercial driving schools in the Southeastern United States. With nine locations in North Carolina, it is the go-to CDL training center in the state, and the Company has developed widespread awareness among the nation’s principal carriers as one of the premiere truck driver institutions in the country.

Located in Austin, Texas, Polar Peak Capital (PPC), operates as a business “search fund”. A search fund is an investment vehicle that sponsors entrepreneurs seeking to buy and grow a business. Searchers often buy a business from a retiring owner that wants the business to stay in the community. PPC’s core philosophy is: Do Right by the Owner, Do Right by the Employees, and Do Right by the Community. PPC is backed by experienced investors who are in it for the long run.

Generational Equity Executive Managing Director, M&A-Technology Practice Leader, David Fergusson, Senior M&A Advisor, Paul Fackler, with the support of Vice President, M&A, Emil Nirkis, successfully closed the deal. Executive Managing Director and Group Leader, Randy Kamin, established the initial relationship with TransTech.

“Bob Boniface and Tyrel Sulzer, co-founders of PPC, were immediately liked and respected by TransTech management from the first introduction” said Fackler. 

Fackler added, “Their search fund approach and collaborative methodology was successful in finding and closing the transaction, and the business has a significant opportunity to grow and thrive moving forward.” 

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