Feb 2009 | North Carolina

Technology Assessment & Transfer acquired by Annapolis

Generational Equity, an advisor to privately held and family owned businesses for mergers, acquisitions, and strategic growth initiatives, announced the sale of the exclusive worldwide right to manufacture Spinel Transparent Products by its client, Technology Assessment & Transfer, Inc. (TA&T) based in Annapolis, Maryland to ArmorLine Corporation of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Technology Assessment &Transfer (TA&T) develops and commercializes advanced materials for defense, aerospace, bio-medical, and industrial applications, primarily through government funded research and development (R&D). TA&T is the industry leader in the research and development of magnesium aluminate (Spinel) transparent armor and optical system components for a wide variety of end use applications. Exceptional wide-band transparency (UV through the mid IR), high hardness, dielectric, and ballistic properties make Spinel an attractive choice for electro-optical sensors, laser-RF communications, and vehicular and aircraft ballistic protection.

ArmorLine Corporation is a global provider of armor, personal protection, and specialized security products. ArmorLine products are currently protecting critical assets in some of the world's most hostile threat environments. The sale of the exclusive world-wide right to manufacture Spinel Transparent Products by TA&T to ArmorLine Corporation will diversify ArmorLine's product portfolio given Spinel's improved ballistic and rock-strike performance and resistance to sand abrasion. Spinel transparent armor also offers 50-60% weight savings and reduced thickness over traditional ballistic glass. Armor weight and thickness reductions are critical for performance of armored vehicles, fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Commercial markets for transparent Spinel include aircraft, train, bar code scanners, watch crystals, cell phone and PDA devices due to its excellent abrasion resistance and light transmission properties.

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