Mar 2024 | Texas

Team Pride Extrusions Acquired by Republic Strategic Investments

We are pleased to share the sale of our client, Team Pride Extrusions (TPE) to Republic Strategic Investments (RSI). The transaction closed on March 15, 2024.

Located in Megargel, Texas, Team Pride Extrusions is a full-service manufacturer of custom aluminum extrusions. Core capabilities include aluminum extrusions, powder coating, CNC machining, punching, and other special fabrication and finishing. Products range from mill finished extrusions to turnkey extrusion components with fabrication and finishing.

TPE has the ability to run small aluminum extrusions, difficult extrusions, complex aluminum extrusion shapes, thin wall aluminum extrusions (down to .040″), miniature extrusions, high aspect ratio extrusions (up to 12:1), and light aluminum extrusions. The Company runs the difficult custom aluminum extrusion shapes and small minimum orders that the bigger press extruders cannot, or will not, run.Team Pride Extrusions was wholly owned by Darryl Anderson Sr., President, and Todd Lewallen, Managing Partner. Post-closing, Todd will be the new CEO of Team Pride Extrusions and continue as a partner to RSI.

Republic Strategic Investments is a private equity firm based in Phoenix, Arizona that is working to acquire and build companies that provide resources, tools and information for the purpose of equipping and encouraging men to fulfill their God given duties and protect their God given rights.

Republic Strategic Investments is actively looking to acquire existing profitable companies with $10-$50M+ in revenue, that operate within the manufacturing and ecommerce space.

RSI’s acquisition team was led by Shawn Ingram, CFO and Partner, and David Reece, CEO and Partner.

“Darryl Anderson has built a wonderful company. We expect that Todd Lewallen will carry the torch well and wisely to see TPE grow, Archer County prospered, and Christ honored,” said David Reece.

Generational Group Managing Director Mergers & Acquisitions, Don Ho was the lead dealmaker that successfully closed the transaction. Mr. Ho was supported by Vice President, M&A, Lance Thomasson on this deal.

“I am so excited for the future of Team Pride Extrusion, and their customers and employees, given the opportunities, capital, and resources Republic Strategic Investments will bring to the Company,” said Mr. Ho.

He added, “Todd Lewallen has some brilliant and exciting plans to improve the customer experience, diversify markets, and effectively take the business to the next level. I’m also so pleased to be able to help Darryl Anderson Sr. unlock the equity in his business and achieve his retirement goals.”

Mr. Ho is a senior dealmaker in Executive Managing Director of M&A – Central Region Michael Goss’ transaction group, which serves clients primarily in the Central U.S. region.  Senior Managing Director James Carr established the initial relationship with TPE.

“As a business operator, the M&A environment is not something I was exposed to on a regular basis, and I learned through this process how much things have changed in the M&A world and how rapidly it continues to evolve,” said Todd Lewallen.

Lewallen added, “Right away I saw the tremendous value that Generational Group imparted through their many high-quality associates that supported Don, and it was absolutely critical and necessary to have a M&A expert leader like Don Ho to guide and close our deal successfully.”

“After getting to know Mr. Reece and Mr. Ingram, their high moral standards and positive character attributes were apparent and appreciated; that is something that is very important to myself and the leadership team we have in place. As we had more interaction, it was clear that our people and business enterprise would benefit greatly from David’s strong intellect and leadership qualities,” stated Lewallen.

Lewallen also added, “I had the most interaction with Shawn during the process, and I was very happy to learn of Shawn’s lengthy and impressive experience with one of the world’s largest aluminum extruders; that will be invaluable to our operations. Shawn has tremendous financial skills and practical operations experience, and I am thrilled to have him as a “running mate” as our CFO. I am honored to serve as CEO and work alongside these two men, and I expect great things for our people and our customers.”

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