Dec 2023 | California

Lobo Solutions Acquired By HCMS Napa

We are pleased to share the sale of our client Lobo Solutions, Inc. to HCMS Napa, LLC. The transaction closed December 4, 2023.

Lobo Solutions (LSI), located in Poway, California, is a full-service provider of professional medical billing and coding services. The company’s solutions are developed to increase the amount of reimbursement, improve operational efficiency, and maximize the total compensation to medical service providers.

LSI’s experienced technical team assists clients to provide business-focused tailored technology solutions and services to take care of their business needs reliably as well as effectively.

The company has successfully expanded its business through continuous innovation; LSI’s management has continued to invest in the business to ensure that the solutions can help its target client base with a wide range of functions.

Overall, the company is well known in the regional markets, and has an excellent reputation for client service and on-time completion of jobs.

Located in Napa, California, HCMS Napa (HCMS) is a team of dedicated professionals specially trained to increase efficiency in medical billing and business systems. HCMS adds value and produces results using its coding expertise, experience dealing with insurance providers and patients, and hallmark HCMS “never give up” determination.

The company employs specialized software in the collection and analysis of practice data, billing and coding records, and uses HIPAA-compliant, secure portals to communicate between offices, with insurance providers and patients, and clients.

Generational Equity Executive Managing Director of M&A – Western Region, Stephen Crisham, and Ron Rosenow, a Generational Group Authorized Affiliate, with support from Senior Vice President, M&A, Amy Wall, closed the deal. Executive Managing Director Rick Buchoz established the initial relationship with Lobo Solutions.

“Ron Rosenow and Generational Equity were excellent to work with during this sale transaction,” said Kenneth Lobo, Founder and Owner of Lobo Solutions.

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