Aug 2019 | Oregon

K&F Coffee Roasters Acquired By A Private Investor

We are pleased to announce the sale of our client, K&F Coffee Roasters, to Rudy Zarfas. The acquisition closed August 23, 2019 and details were not disclosed.

K&F Coffee Roasters is one of Portland, Oregon’s original micro-roasters of gourmet, specialty coffees. Founded in 1983, the company roasts and distributes only Arabica beans, and seeks to bring out the finest in every bean through its roasting process and careful bean selection by highly refined palates. K&F Coffee Roasters is now the oldest family-owned specialty coffee roaster in Portland.

Rudy Zarfas, the new owner of K&F Coffee Roasters, was first introduced to the family-owned company nearly two decades ago. As a former employee of DS Services of America, Zarfas began selling K&F products and expanding his knowledge in the art of coffee, alongside previous owner and mentor Don Dominguez in 2002.

K&F Coffee Roasters is a brand that Zarfas has long admired. As former Northwest Regional Sales and Marketing Manager at DS Services of America, Zarfas endorsed the K&F brand to customers above all other brands.

A strong believer in the genuine family-based culture of the company and the talented artisans behind the world-class product, Zarfas attests this brand is unmatched in the coffee community. He is eager to continue learning, telling the K&F story and building a presence in the community.

Generational Equity Executive Managing Director of M&A – Western Region, Stephen Crisham, and his team, led by Vice President Chad Comroe, successfully closed the deal. Senior Managing Director Roger Dean established the initial relationship with K&F Coffee Roasters.

“We are very happy for Don and Wendy Dominguez because Rudy Zarfas will keep K&F Coffee Roasters thriving for years to come,” said Comroe.

“We are excited to watch the company grow in the future.”

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