Jul 2020 | Tennessee

Autism & Behavior Consulting Services Acquired By Proud Moments

We are pleased to announce the sale of our client, Autism & Behavior Consulting Services, LLC, to Proud Moments ABA. The acquisition closed July 20, 2020 and details were not disclosed. 

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Autism & Behavior Consulting Services (ABC) is a leading behavioral therapy service provider that specializes in treating children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. 

The company’s mission is to provide compassionate, quality and comprehensive behavior therapy services to these children, and to help educate and support the families of these children in a caring, open and collaborative environment. 

Founded in 2014, Proud Moments ABA has 11 locations nationwide, and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Proud Moments’ mission is to provide a gold standard of care to all children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, while allowing their families the ability to affect positive change in their family dynamics. 

Proud Moments employs a team of compassionate professionals, including expert BCBA/LBAs who provide treatment for children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. 

Proud Moments works with parents to create a convenient schedule at the location of their choice. With dedicated precision, they handle the entire process, from assessment and insurance authorization to treatment design, implementation, and monitoring.

Generational Equity Executive Managing Director of M&A – Central Region, Michael Goss, and his team, led by Senior Vice President, Luan Ly, successfully closed the deal. Senior Managing Director Doug Morrow established the initial relationship with ABC.

“The transaction was well-managed and overcame many typical roadblocks along the way. It was primarily due to both sides’ commitment to complete a deal, and the strong relationship that developed along the process,” said Ly.

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