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When selling a business, the M&A firm you choose will determine the level of your success. Trustworthiness and experience are the pillars of quality you must demand. When your exit strategy requires excellence, diligence, and dependable advisory services, you need the professionals at Generational.

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Exiting your business can be a minefield to navigate without the right M&A Advisory firm.

Our comprehensive M&A process helps clients understand and unlock the potential value of their business so they have the knowledge to make the right decision for their future. We invite you to get to know the private client group services and learn the many ways in which their personal attention can guide you through the best practices and strategies for success.

Before taking your company to market, we’ll answer your number one question, ‘what is my business worth?’. To answer that question, our evaluation team enters a discovery process that involves asking meaningful questions while analyzing the relevant details of your business. We will recast your financials and analyze your intangible assets, presenting them in a way that unlocks hidden value. We also forecast the future under a buyer’s ownership that will help you decide how to proceed. At the conclusion of the process, you will have a much clearer understanding of company’s worth.

Every Generational client is given the Value Enhancement Planning tool and the Roadmap to Enhancing Value. These custom plans help us identify key areas in which your business can improve its value. This information is valuable as it will help better prepare you for the market. Both the Roadmap for Enhancing Value and our Evaluation documents include two updates, guaranteeing your plan remains current.

MGP utilizes a Monte Carlo statistical analysis process. In financial planning, we input hundreds of variables, each of which has its own statistical variances or standard deviation. The Monte Carlo process runs projections 10,000+ times, each with a different mix of variable values. It then gives us the likelihood of meeting your goals as a percentage. Because MGP does these projections in real time, we can see how small changes in your plan affect your likelihood of success.

Whether you’re ready to sell your business the day you receive your valuation or you decide to wait, the good news is you will have a much deeper understanding of your position. Should you decide to move forward, we will begin by compiling comprehensive documentation that is needed to attract optimal buyers . Once complete, we create a tailored marketing plan for your business and present you to our buyer network and beyond.

Cash Flow Planning
This process takes into account your current assets, how they will grow, and gives you a predicted amount of future cash flow. You then model your future lifestyle based on how much money you will likely have.

Goals-based Planning
This process focuses on outlining a clear picture of what your financial goals are. These goals are ranked by priority and given an estimated cost. Your assets are then used to fund these goals in order of importance.

We primarily use a goals-based approach. We want the focus to be on what you ultimately want to have. This allows us to set clear action items to help you achieve your stated goals. Cash flow planning is worked into our process, as we evaluate the money needed to fund your goals, but the focus is always going to be on what you want to achieve.

This is where we truly shine. Our professional deal team effectively markets your business to a wide audience of potential, vetted buyers that are seeking companies just like yours. This may include private equity, family offices, offshore buyers, corporate strategics, and individual investors with the goal of creating a limited auction specifically designed for your company.

As your business attracts offers, your dealmaker navigates the process to an outcome that reflects your goals, requirements, and future needs. Once you find yourself at the negotiation table, our dealmakers bring valuable experience and guidance that will greatly benefit the outcome.

Should you decide to accept an offer, we begin the next phase: Deal Structuring. This is crucial to your overall success. Having worked with you from the outset, our deal team understands your personal and professional goals and can work to structure a deal that achieves your current and future requirements.
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Our professional team is available to guide you through every stage of the sale. Contact us for more information about selling your business or to find executive conferences taking place near you.


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