Why DealForce businesses are all buyer-ready

By DealForce


The DealForce app connects buyers with hundreds of buyer-ready businesses across a range of industries. Through utilizing our responsive sales platform, users committed to the growth of their investment portfolios can sign up for real-time updates when new opportunities become available. If a particular company were to pique a user’s interest while browsing, an option is available for them to sign a nondisclosure agreement that will then allow them exclusive access to an extensive document detailing the business’s fundamentals. Each business listing featured on the app comes complete with the most detailed Offering Memorandum on offer in Middle Market M&A.

On receipt of the associated documentation, business buyers will be able to fully evaluate their potential acquisition and its make up. They will receive information detailing the company’s customers, their strengths and their motivations for purchasing, allowing acquirers to make informed decisions on whether to progress with an offer. Also forming part of the document is a comprehensive breakdown of the company’s products or services, giving users insight into the profitable streams of revenue within the business’s possession.

As part of compiling the Offering Memorandum, we also analyze and recast each business that goes to market, meaning that business buyers get a true and accurate representation of the company’s profitability. In order to make sure that the seller’s value expectations are in line with the market place and those of prospective buyers, we project the financial statements for the current year and five-year pro forma period. This is formed on the basis of historical results, management strategies, and the company’s operating environment.

All parties involved in the M&A process of the businesses we take to market are fully aware that thoroughly documenting their company and assets plays a pivotal role in attracting offers, meaning that both buyer and seller understand the benefits that the production of our comprehensive sales documentation present. Our evaluation teams pride themselves on their meticulous approach taken to complete company valuations and the comprehensive documentation that follows as a result. We believe in providing you with all of the information you need and more to make your next acquisition with confidence, every time. Grow your portfolio and begin your search today by downloading the DealForce App.