What A Generational Equity Transaction Can Do For You

By Generational Equity


Have you ever considered what your life could look like after you sell your company? What are your dreams and goals? How would you spend your free time once you have some free time to spend (and ample financing to spend on it)?

These are important questions that business owners need to consider, yet sadly, far too few do.

To help you jumpstart your post sale thought process, I thought I would share a few stories from our clients who are now financially able to participate in the lifestyles that they could only dream about when they were busy running their companies 24/7.

Their names are Tommy Barker and Chris Ludwig, both of whom were extremely successful in operating their companies and had built thriving businesses from the ground up. What they lacked though was free time to pursue their hobbies and passions. Generational Equity was able to secure them great deals for their companies that both provided them this precious free time to spend on things they love as well as the financial capacity to do so.

Even though they had completely different companies in widely divergent industries, the crux of their stories are similar: our M&A process has given them the capital and time to pursue their hobbies and dreams. Here are some key concepts they both shared and have in common (use the links below to hear all their comments):

Tommy Barker“I used work on my cars on weekends and nights, now I can do it all the time. I have changed my thinking since I sold my business and now time is more valuable than money. I can pick what I want to do and if the phone rings I don’t worry about it. Right now we are just enjoying life and getting to do what we want to do.”

Chris Ludwig“Because of Generational Equity and the sale of my company I am able to spend much more time involved doing the things I enjoy doing. Generational Equity really transitioned us into the next stage of life after business. It was a great step they helped us make.”

The reality is that life is short and time passes so quickly. If you don’t have an exit strategy for your business in place and you have hobbies, dreams, and other passions that you can’t pursue because of a lack of time, then you definitely need to attend a Generational Equity M&A conference near you soon. While there you will learn a significant amount about how to effectively position your company for sale, how to find optimal buyers and how to structure a deal for your benefit.

So, what do you have to lose by attending? A few hours? Maybe a drive to get there? I know that for many the thought of being out of the office during the workweek is impossible to even fathom. However, keep this in mind: it is most likely that your largest single investment right now is in your business. Many of you have nearly 100% of your net worth tied up in your company. Isn’t it prudent to take a few hours away and learn as much as you can about exiting and ending up like Chris and Tommy, pursuing your dreams, hobbies, and, most importantly, enjoying peace of mind?

If your business keeps you up at night, then you really need to think about the long-term impact of not attending one of our executive conferences.

To learn more and to find out how you could become like Tommy and Chris, use the following links:

By Carl Doerksen, Director of Corporate Development at Generational Equity.

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