The Success of Accelerated Growth Plans

By Generational Group


One of the most important concepts you need to internalize as you approach your pre-exit is the need to grow your business with intentionality, intention focused on building a buyer ready business.  Unfortunately, far to few business owners that we encounter at our Growth and Exit Strategy meetings have any idea of how to effectively do that.  Lots of folks know how to grow revenue but far to often that is done at the expense of profitability.  The logical goal is to both growth revenue and profits simultaneously.

Easily said, often hard to do.

But building a buyer ready business involves even more than simply revenue and profits, it revolves around creating a team, a group of individuals all pulling hard in the same direction knowing the goals of the company so well that they are all in unison. 

The good news is that as euphoric as that may sound, it is a daily reality with our Generational Consulting Group. In fact, that is what we founded the team for!  You can hear about some of their accomplishments here:

Now each of the companies profiled above (and even more on our website here) are facing many of the same challenges as you: Rising costs, raw material shortages, difficulties locating talent, price competition, exploding health care costs and a myriad of other challenges.  The difference is that our clients hire us to help them address these challenges so that they not only grow (and thrive), over the long term, they enhance their attractiveness to buyers.

The great news is that you can too!

The reality is that building a buyer ready business is always more of an art than a science and the biggest challenge is that if you don’t know how to do so, how can you? Our team of professionals have the track record to do so as shown by this award given to them late last year:

So, what are you waiting for? Even if your exit time line is well into the future, the growth of your business (and frankly your income) can be enhanced beginning today. To learn how, please reach out to us at 972-232-1121 or and we will provide you with valuable information about our Growth Strategy planning sessions in your area.  

Carl Doerksen is the Director of Corporate Development at Generational Equity.

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