Survey Says: U.S. and Canada Among the Most Popular for M&A Post COVID

By Generational Equity


According to the 10th-anniversary edition of the Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) Country Attractiveness Index published in Forbes, the U.S. ranks #1 and Canada #5 as the most popular destinations for business buyers worldwide since the pandemic was brought under control.

According to Forbes:

The index, which is designed and elaborated by IESE Business School’s Center for International Finance in conjunction with emlyon business school and eXapital, ranks 125 countries according to the quality of their investment environment for adventurous VC and PE investors.

The countries are analyzed and ranked according to thousands of weighted data points covering six key drivers: economic activity, depth of capital markets, taxation, investor protections, and corporate governance, human and social environment, and finally entrepreneurial culture and deal opportunities.

The United States continues to be the index benchmark with a score of 100. It is followed by the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and Canada to round out the top five.

This means that North America is a strong focal point for buyers from around the world and domestically. 

And this makes sense because these two countries, although impacted in a number of ways because of COVID, have made quick recoveries compared to many other countries. Simply put, investors know that there really is no safer place to make an acquisition than in North America.

This survey is great news if you are the owner of a privately held company in North America today. There has literally never been a better time to obtain a premium for your company than right now (and most likely for the next 12-15 months depending on interest rates and federal tax changes).

Generational holds Growth and Exit Planning Conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada that are designed to help business owners maximize and optimize the value of their company upon exit.

Right now, even if your exit is 2-3 years away, there are steps you can be taking to build its value. And the great news is that these tactical and strategic alternatives do not require a PHD in physics to implement. 

Our team with Generational Consulting Group (GCG) has had tremendous success over the years helping clients obtain significant revenue and profit growth and build to a “buyer ready” business. Here is what a few of them have to say about our process:

The common theme you will hear here is that no matter what short and/or long-term challenges your company is facing, GCG can help you develop plans to overcome them and even thrive in the midst of these hurdles that often present themselves. This is especially true as we all rebuild our lives post COVID-19.

To learn more about how the Generational family of companies can help you build a stronger, more dynamic, buyer ready business, reach out to us at 972-232-1121, or provide us with your contact information on our website and we will be in touch.

Carl Doerksen is the Director of Corporate Development at Generational Equity.

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