Predicted Q2 Deal Flow

By Generational Equity


Based on their recently released report, Firmex projects that deal flow will be up over 11% in Q2 2022:

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Based on their analysis and research, deal flow in North America will be up despite the war in Ukraine, rising interest rates, inflation and other potentially negative issues facing us. Here are some other findings from their report:

Valuations continue to be at record highs, but a growing minority of advisors think they are heading down in the next three months.

Cross-border transactions are also increasing, with nearly half of the advisors seeing more foreign acquisitions of companies in their home countries.

The market is getting bigger. There are more companies for sale and more potential acquirers.

So, for now, primarily in North America, the news continues to be positive. However, that could quickly change especially with the Fed projecting continued large interest rate hikes throughout the year and into 2023.

Our deal teams have certainly not seen any slowing of activity. In fact, after a record 2021, our deal closings are up over 30% from last year with no signs of slowing at all.

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Carl Doerksen is the Director of Corporate Development at Generational Equity.

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