Post Capital Partners acquires BHS Marketing

By DealForce


Generational Equity (part of the Generational Group) is dedicated to working alongside investors to help them achieve their acquisition goals. In 2010 Generational Equity was pivotal in Post Capital Partners’ successful acquisition of BHS Marketing.

Who are Post Capital Partners?

Post Capital Partners is a private equity firm based in New York that invests in small cap businesses with $2million-10million EBITDA or $10million-150million revenue. The company makes growth investments taking both minority positions and control positions across a range of industries. Focusing on the US and Canada, Post Capital Partners work closely with management teams and looks for businesses that have repeat or recurring revenue streams.

The Acquisition Explained

Based in Salt Lake City, BHS marketing is a specialty chemical business focused on cleaning and sanitation for food processing, water treatment, and also incorporating a chemical distribution business focused on oil, gas and aluminum smelting. Post Capital Partners had been working closely with an executive, Phil Johnson, who had a long and successful track record in the specialty chemical area with a particular interest in the water treatment space. As a result, Post Capital Partners were proactively looking for a business that targeted this niche industry.

How Generational Equity’s Expertise Led to a Successful Acquisition

Managing Director Eric Sanderson, who has over 20 years’ experience working with middle-market business owners and investors, was responsible for the transaction between the two parties. Successfully bridging the gap between the buyer and seller was of the utmost importance during the transaction, Co-founder of Post Capital Partners, Michael Pfeffer, said: “Sometimes, in the heat of negotiations, sellers in particular may not understand what the buyers are asking for, and as a buyer there’s all sorts of different levels of sophistication in the seller. Having a broker involved who can talk to both sides, translate any misunderstandings and bridge the differences is helpful to buyers and sellers”. Often for sellers, the process of selling their business will be their first and only experience of the process. Generational Equity prepares the seller for the process, “If the seller has paid Generational Equity a retainer it means that they’re serious. As a buyer, knowing that the seller is committed to the process is very important. In the Private Equity industry, the scarce resource is time not capital so spending time on transactions that don’t happen is a tremendous opportunity cost.”

Michael says of the experience with Generational, “I honestly don’t think the deal would have been done without them. Having someone like Generational Equity involved that actually knows what the buyer wants makes our lives a lot easier and in fact helps the seller to best represent their business. We would absolutely buy another company from Generational Equity – we had a very good experience.”

Find out more about how Generational helped co-founder of Post Capital Partners, Michael Pfeffer, to successfully acquire BHS marketing by viewing his video testimonial.