How Value-Added M&A Relationships Help To Grow Your Business

By Generational Equity


One of the most impressive strengths of our Generational Equity deal teams is their inherent ability to look for true win-win situations for our clients. Whether it is a full exit immediately or the desire to find an equity partner for funding growth, our deal teams are skilled in locating just the right types of buyers to match the individual needs of our clients.

And one of the most important issues that often arises as the transaction nears closing is the legacy that the founding owner or family will leave behind once they sell the company. It is interesting that over the years as I have talked to our clients, the issue of deal value becomes less important and the ongoing legacy of the company under new ownership often becomes paramount.

Having closed hundreds of deals collectively over the years, our dealmakers are well aware of how the concepts and importance of legacy and continued growth are to our clients. Fortunately, there are business buyers out there too who have the same goal.

I saw this recently in a great interview with private equity firm NewSpring Capital’s Anne Vazquez. To quote Ms Vazquez:

"You have to be more than just money. You have to think about how you can truly add value."

Value equals growth, expansion, and continuation of a company’s legacy long after the founder departs. Marketing, sales, and technical expertise add value to a business and are critical when it comes to growing a company post close.

It is amazing how often obtaining the largest deal possible is the first goal of many clients but in the end, they don’t necessarily take the largest offer as several other factors often come into play, such as:

This why due diligence, as trying as it can be, is really a courtship of equals. Even if you plan on departing as soon as possible post close, finding out about the buyers, their philosophies, ways of doing business and how they have worked post-acquisition with other companies they have acquired is significant.

That is why equity firms like NewSpring Capital are so important to M&A intermediaries like Generational Equity. They make investments to grow those businesses to the next level and invest in the continuation of the legacy and the company name.

If finding the optimal buyer for your business is important to you, one who will respect what you have built and grow your company, then you need to hire an M&A advisory firm like Generational Equity. You will need professional guidance to find the optimal deal structure for you, your family, your employees and yes, your financial needs. These are a challenge to balance but our experienced deal teams have a track record of success doing so.

If you are considering your exit journey for the first time, a great first place to start is at a Generational Equity M&A conference near you. The hours you invest and the meeting you will have with our team will pay off for you in the long run. To learn more, please use the following links:

By Carl Doerksen, Director of Corporate Development at Generational Equity.

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