Generational Group’s Contribution to Harvard Business School Curriculum

By Generational Group


Beginning with the Spring Semester of 2019, Generational has contributed to the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition course at the Harvard Business School, taught by Professors Rick Ruback and Royce Yudkoff.

The course trains second-year MBA students how to search for, acquire, and operate privately held businesses.

Generational’s Head of Corporate Evaluations, Mr. Jason Kimball, provides recent sanitized transaction data and confidential business profiles for analysis.

Mr. Brenen Hofstadter, CM&AO, and Mr. David Fergusson, Exec. MD East Region, share insights with the class on how to most efficiently make new Investment Banking relationships, create and analyze deal flow, and work with sellers. They field questions, in collaboration with the professors, to be as exhaustive as possible on each important topic.

Mr. Hofstadter added “We are proud to make our modest contribution each year. The course is a practical case-based curriculum that helps graduates achieve their goals.”

“Each year, we create new relationships with graduates that will become active buyers for themselves, or for strategic or private equity investors.”