Generational Group CEO Ryan Binkley Makes Historic Announcement

By Generational Group


On April 23, 2023, Ryan Binkley, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Dallas-based Generational Group, a leading full-service business advisory firm for privately held businesses, announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

As a successful entrepreneur, Ryan Binkley understands the importance of a free market system and values the advantages this country offers to those who work hard.

“I know firsthand what can happen when you offer a great service in a country that allows hard-working entrepreneurs to thrive. In fact, Generational was built on serving business owners who devote their lives to employing others and creating a successful legacy,” said Binkley.

Because of Ryan’s love for his country and knowing that business owners provide the livelihood so many families depend upon, he has grown increasingly concerned about the direction of the nation. It is this passion along with careful consideration that Ryan has decided to not sit on the sidelines, but rather get involved in the very process he believes is so broken.

Ryan seeks to unify and strengthen the nation, restore and protect freedom for all, and bring Americans closer together. While Generational has no direct involvement with his campaign, and is not affiliated with the campaign, we are proud of his efforts to make our country better, and we fully support his decision.

Since founding Generational in 2004, Ryan has built a strong leadership team of skilled professionals who serve the day-to-day needs of Generational clients. Generational Group helps business owners release the wealth in their businesses by providing strategic growth consulting, technology services, exit planning, M&A services, and wealth management services.

Generational repeatedly ranks among the leading M&A advisory firms in North America. We look forward to continuing to provide industry-leading advisory services to our clients, so that they can fully realize their personal and financial goals.

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