Generational Equity Executive Conferences Offer Valuable Insight on Exit Planning and Selling a Business

By Generational Equity


Would a company really offer complimentary professional advice on how to sell a business for maximum value? Our team at Generational Equity, one of the nation’s leading mergers and acquisitions advisors, has been presenting executive conferences on exit planning and selling privately held businesses in North America for over a decade.

Why do we do this? Research shows that over the next 15 years, the U.S. is going to experience the largest wealth transfer in history as baby boomer business owners reach retirement age in record numbers. Unfortunately, most business owners are not prepared for this and our executive conferences provide valuable information to enable them to develop strategies that help them maximize their exit.

“Our conferences are purely educational and a game changer for most entrepreneurs. The feedback we get from business owners is overwhelmingly positive, and for many it is a catalyst for change in their decision making, both personally and professionally,” says Terry Johnson, Generational Equity’s Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer.

Dave Kerr of Kerr Consulting attended two of the conferences. “It’s not a sales pitch,” said Kerr. “It’s, ‘Here’s the process. Here’s the things you need to consider as a business owner if you’re going to take your company to market.’ That was what I was really impressed by.”

The conferences, which only take a few short hours of your time, discuss the wide range of issues that should be considered when obtaining maximum value for a business including: business valuation techniques, strategies for building a buyer ready business, the M&A process, common mistakes to avoid, how to identify and access potential buyers, different strategies for structuring a deal, as well as various forms of payment.

“Most entrepreneurs are focused on their business and are often not prepared with a well- planned exit strategy,” says Johnson. “Our conferences are led by experienced M&A advisors, many of whom have been successful entrepreneurs themselves, and give attendees a detailed breakdown of the complete M&A process. When the day is finished, attendees leave with a wealth of knowledge that will allow them to make a prudent decision as they plan for this critical monetizing event.”

Tommy Barker, who sold his business with the help of Generational Equity, also said the conference was helpful in the process. “I would say go to the conference, definitely. It’d be your number one step. Then you can make other decisions after that.” After working with Generational Equity to sell his business, Barker is enjoying life restoring vintage cars. “I can pick what I want to do and if the phone rings, I don’t worry,” he said. “Right now, time is more valuable than money.”

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