From the Desk of Ryan Binkley, President & CEO of Generational Group – July 2020

By Generational Group


I hope you and your family are keeping safe and staying healthy.

One of the most important topics that we discuss with our clients is the idea of how to prepare a business for buyers. Recently we released an Insight article on this very topic:

This was the second installment in our series of how to prepare your company now for an eventual exit. As has ALWAYS been the case, buyers are buying your future, not your past.

As we have discussed before, COVID recasting will now become the norm. This accepted accounting process will allow you to adjust your revenue and earnings to reflect how your business will look AFTER we are passed this economic turbulence, based on where your company was before March of 2020. This is an important valuation step to consider before entering into a discussion with a potential buyer. However, you will need an experienced, professional M&A advisor to be protected and maximize the opportunity.

This is where we can help you!

The really good news is that no matter what economic cycle we may be in, or the condition your business may be in at this time, Generational is always here to assist with your journey as a business owner and help you create a successful exit strategy when the time comes. We are also here by your side, as your consulting partner, to help navigate and grow your business during this recovery phase.

If you are interested in learning more about all our services, please call us at 972-232-1121 or send an email to

In closing, we wish you, your business, and your loved ones continued safety and good health during this time. In the midst of challenges there are always blessings and opportunities. This situation is no different. History shows us that this too shall pass, and that when it does, we will emerge stronger than before.

Ryan Binkley
President & CEO, Generational Group