Can Your Customers Find You?

By Generational Equity


No matter your target audience, product or service, two marketing tactics are mandatory if you want customers to find you – a website and social media presence.

Use these six tips to help your customers find you online and make every marketing dollar count.

1. Make sure your copy is written to appeal to customer’s needs and wants. Don’t talk about your products and services from your perspective. If your product solves a common problem or answers a need, mention that instead.

2. Don’t clutter your web pages. Resist the urge to load up your site with flashing, scrolling copy, or too many announcements or sales pitches. Keep it simple so the reader can focus on the benefits of buying your product or service.

3. Include keywords in your copy to improve your rank in search engines. You can use online services such as Moz, WordStream or Google Search Console to determine which keywords customers use. Then, make sure those keywords are worked into your copy naturally. While keywords help search engine computers find your web pages, humans will read your site and it needs to be understandable and relatable to them.

4. Give customers a reason to keep coming back by providing interesting content on a regular basis. Many companies think of their website as a static marketing piece, much like a brochure. But to keep customers coming back, you need to update your website regularly. Updates can take the form of press releases, event news, videos, blog posts, white papers and more.

5. Don’t forget mobile users. The percent of people who search and read web sites on their mobile devices grows year after year. In fact, late in 2016 a study announced that mobile searches in the U.S. exceeded desktop searches for the first time. If you’re trying to appeal to markets in India, mobile searches account for 75 percent of searches. The takeaway no matter your market: Make your website mobile-friendly.

6. Participate in social media. Social media is notoriously time-consuming if you try to do too much. But you don’t have to be on every social media platform out there. You just need to choose the one your customers frequent the most and participate actively on that channel. If your customers like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr or SnapChat, build a strategy and get busy.

By Jessica Johns Pool.

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