Are You Ready For Your Next Life-Altering Cross-Road Event?

By Generational Equity


At various times in our lives, we all face “cross-road” events, big choices that can have a huge impact on our future. Deciding which college to attend, figuring out which company to join post-graduation, picking someone for a long-term relationship, and launching a business are all common examples.

Cross-road events generally require deep contemplation, hopefully well in advance of when a decision must be made. In a perfect world, you have time to research all of your options.

We see our services much the same.   We are both privileged and proud to help business owners face one of the largest cross-road event in their lives:   When and how to exit for maximum value.

Exit planning really includes two components:

  • Getting the business buyer ready.
  • Preparing the owner(s) to actually take the leap when an offer is right.

In many ways, the first one is the easiest. We see three areas that many privately held businesses need to focus on before entering any deal:

  1. Reducing owner dependence
  2. Diversifying their customer base
  3. Getting their financial reporting in good order

These areas, if deficient, are what we focus on with our clients when we create their Roadmap for Enhancing Value. Addressing these areas, while we work with them to find buyers, can have a huge impact on the valuation and salability of their company.

The Second Challenge: Letting Go

In many ways the second component, preparing the owners to let go, can often be the greater challenge. It usually takes time for the owner, partners, spouses, and sometimes extended family members, to wrap their minds around moving onto the next phase of their lives. Further complicating matters, no two clients and their needs are ever the same.

This may be why we have been the leading lower middle market investment bank for years. Our dealmakers really get to know our clients and help them determine what type of exit event is best for them.

For many clients, a 100% sale and quick departure is the desired goal. For others, a partial sale while partnering with a PE firm for future growth is the best option. And, there are dozens of deal structures between these two. 

If Generational Group doesn’t find you the optimal buyer with the optimal deal structure, you won’t be happy (and we want you to be happy). Here are just three examples of deals we closed and the goals each owner had for their transaction:

In each case, Generational Group worked hand-in-hand with each owner to prepare them mentally for the best offer at the right price, with the optimal structure, at the right time.

We can do the same for you!

You have two paths you can take. If you are ready to sell now and you know your timing is right, then call us at 972-232-1121 or visit our website and leave us your contact information. We will reach out to you confidentially.

If you are not certain where you are on your exit journey, whether it is two years or even 10 years away, it is better to get started now than to wait. Starting early gives you the luxury of time as you contemplate what’s right for you and your company.

You can begin this process by attending a Generational Equity complimentary exit planning conference. These events are designed to help business owners like yourself begin the process of planning and preparing for an eventual exit. Here are a few links for you to explore:

Remember, you have many options available to you as you move toward this cross-road. Make the wise move and hire us to guide you through it. 

By Carl Doerksen, Director of Corporate Development at Generational Equity.

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