A Commitment to Consistency: How Generational Group Pursues M&A Excellence

By Generational Group


Each year, the Refinitiv M&A Rankings shine a spotlight on the most active M&A leaders in the industry from a deal making perspective. It identifies the organizations that have closed the greatest number of deals in the previous 12 months at different value levels, and is something myself and our team at Generational Group keep a close eye on.

When the 2020 rankings were released recently, I was as excited as ever to see that our firm achieved excellent positions among our peers:

  • #1 for transactions valued up to $10 million
  • #1 for transactions valued up to $25 million
  • #2 for transactions valued up to $50 million
  • #2 for transactions valued up to $100 million
  • #8 for transactions valued up to $500 million
  • #11 for transactions valued up to $1 billion

These rankings are exceptional in their own right, and I’m hugely proud of the remarkable grit and determination of our associates for helping us to achieve them, especially given the very trying times 2020 presented us with.

But for me, beyond this, is what they represent for the longevity of our success. The 2020 Refinitiv Rankings mark an unprecedented 11th consecutive year we have ranked #1 for deals closed up to $25 million, and the 6th straight year ranked #2 for deals closed up to $100 million.

In each of the past 4 years we have broken our previous record for the number of closed transactions. It is this consistent pattern of excellence that satisfies me the most, as it reassures me that what we do works, and it is helping hard-working business owners maximize the potential of their exit plans with us by their side.

Because, as the celebrated author, speaker and Pastor John C. Maxwell once said:

“Reaching the top is a monumental achievement, but remaining there might be the most spectacular feat of all.”

How we always strive for continued success

Accomplishments like these stellar positions on Refinitiv’s prestigious M&A rankings are a testament to the commitment and dedication of our entire team. There’s no secret formula or special ingredient – just talented, enthusiastic people doing what they do best, in an environment that enables them to do so effectively.

Of course, the incredible efforts of our team are underpinned by GUIDE – the core values that are at the heart of everything we do at Generational Group:

  • Golden Rule: Showing the same level of respect and responsible stewardship to our clients that we would expect from professionals in our position.
  • Unity: Working in harmony, both within our teams and alongside our clients, towards achieving a single goal.
  • Integrity: Rigidly sticking to a strong, moral code of ethics to guide every decision that impacts our associates and clients.
  • Diligence: Always earnest and persistent in pursuing our clients’ ambitions and helping them achieve the best possible results.
  • Excellence: Making the extra effort necessary to be outstanding in all our dealings, both professional and personal.

The devotion of our associates to each of these core values is a fundamental reason why we continue to maintain our position at the forefront of middle market M&A in North America. It is why we have been able to forge strong relationships with both clients and buyers in this industry. It is why I have a smile on my face whenever I think about our firm’s future.

Another example of this in action is our results at both the 19th Annual M&A Advisor Awards and the 12th Annual International M&A Awards. These marked the third time that Generational Group was named Valuation Firm of the Year since 2014 – another hat-trick to go alongside the 3 consecutive years the firm was named Investment Banking Firm of the Year (2016, 2017 and 2018).

These highlight how long we have maintained our standards for excellence, something I’m especially grateful to have played a part in guiding. This is complemented by the several transaction-based awards we received for 2020:

These are among the dozens of deals we concluded in 2020 and, while the accolades are fantastic, I never lose sight of the fact that each represents a business owner and family we have successfully helped to achieve their financial dreams.

At the end of the day, that is the true value of our commitment to consistency – these awards just reaffirm to me that we are continuing to deliver the best possible service and results for people on the journey to exiting their business, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Overcoming the challenges of 2020

2020 was certainly a remarkable year.  Hopefully, we will never witness another year like it.  It posed unprecedented challenges for both individuals and businesses, and forced all of us to adapt, improvise, and overcome.

At Generational Group this was no different. We activated our contingency plans for the circumstances so we could continue to meet the needs of our clients without any break in quality of service. I was always confident we would continue to thrive in this environment, and the recognition we received at the end of the year was testament to that.

Even amid the disruption to M&A activity in the spring and early summer of 2020, we put ourselves in an ideal position to push when deal making activity ramped back up in the second half of the year – a trend that, as I noted in my previous article, has persisted into 2021.

The fact that we were not only able to maintain our levels of deal making activity of recent years, but actually surpass them on the way to another record-breaking year for Generational Group, was all the assurance I needed over the quality of our team and the robustness of our process.

Looking towards the future

There are numerous factors I can point to as to how we have maintained our levels of excellence and progressed as a firm, especially in recent years.

The investment in our M&A Buyer Marketing Group. The expansion of our offices from 5 to 14 since 2018. The recent growth of our group to incorporate both Generational Wealth Advisors and Generational Consulting Group.

But, two factors stand out from the crowd:

  1. The extraordinary efforts of our entire team of professionals
  2. The loyalty and support of our clients

With these two qualities at the heart of everything we do as an organization, I have no doubts we will continue our current trend in 2021 to yet another record-setting year of deal making activity.

And, subsequently, we will continue to help company owners across North America unlock the full potential of their exit strategies, and set them up perfectly for a comfortable, fulfilling life after business.

If this has piqued your interest, you can learn more about Generational Group’s accomplishments in the Awards section of the website. You can also get in touch to learn more about our team’s approach and how it could benefit you on your path to exit.