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Once their business had grown to a certain level, Michael and Rebecca Baker realized the time was right to take the next step. With Generational Group’s experienced advisors holding their hand through the exit process, they now have the time to take a breather and reap the rewards of life after business.

One day, Michael and Rebecca Baker realized that, without financial or managerial help, the continued growth of their business would start to stagnate. Realizing the time was right to move on, they contacted Generational Group to achieve their aim of the optimal business sale. The valuable support of a team of M&A advisors led them to a successful exit, giving them the freedom and security to take a breather, explore other passions and enjoy all that life after business has to offer.

The experience and guidance of professional M&A advisors were essential to Michael and Rebecca reaching their goals, who feel they wouldn’t have received the same price without Generational Group. If you’re considering your business exit plans, or just want to discuss what the next step is for your company, reach out to our Senior Business Advisors to find out how we can help.

Once we really got into it, we were so grateful that we had a number to call for any questions and expert support.

Michael and Rebecca Baker | Dorian Business Systems

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