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When Kathy Zerwas decided the time was right to exit her company, Generational Group helped her achieve a great result and create a world of opportunities moving forward. Now Kathy is living in the moment and enjoying a fulfilling life beyond her business.

Kathy Zerwas has always appreciated the chance to live in the moment and experience the beauty of her surroundings. After exiting her business with the support and guidance of Generational Group’s advisors, she achieved the financial stability and freedom to enjoy life however she wanted. Now, Kathy has the time and resources to pursue a wealth of possibilities, from a new career exploring the great outdoors to redesigning a new lakeside home for her family.

Kathy was truly grateful for the professional and personal approach that Generational Group takes with all our clients. Our advisors took the time to understand her specific goals for selling her company, take into consideration the emotions of this process, and secure the maximum value through our extensive contacts and buyers. If you are ready to explore opportunities beyond your business, or simply want to discuss what’s next for your company, speak to our Senior Business Advisors and discover how we can help accomplish your goals.

They’re very professional and they’re also very personal, and they really care about what your goals are at the end of the day. It’s not just a transaction to them.

Kathy Zerwas | Designer Sign Systems

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