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From Responsibility to Freedom

After 31 years of being financially responsible for their company and their employees, Jim & Cynthia Rancourt were ready to find a buyer that would protect their team going forward. With Generational Group's support, they found the ideal buyer, providing the security and the freedom they were searching for.

For 31 years, Jim & Cynthia Rancourt were financially responsible for not only their company but almost 40 employees. When they felt the time was right to exit, one of their top priorities was that their valued team would be supported for the long term. Working closely with Generational Capital Markets’s M&A professionals, they were able to connect with multiple potential buyers, allowing them to choose the right fit for their employees, their company, and for them personally.

This experienced support helped ensure that Jim & Cynthia’s trusted team have access to benefits that weren’t available before the transaction, while also helping to free them from the weight of their responsibilities. If you’re considering the next step for your business, or need advice on how to identify the ideal buyer, speak to our Senior Business Advisors to discover how we can help.

If you have employees and customers that you value, you owe it to them to have an exit plan, and Generational Capital Markets provides that.

Jim & Cynthia Rancourt | Polymer Solutions

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