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Even though Debbie Ritchey felt a close affiliation with her business, she knew that in order for the company to grow and reach the next level, she needed capital. Generational Group was able to find the perfect buyer for her and now she will participate in the expansion of the business throughout the nation with a new equity fund partner. Listen to her story and discover how we can help you find an optimal buyer for your business.

Debbie worked hard to build Body Spa Group LLC and she knew in her heart that she’d never be able to walk away completely. With the help of Generational Group, Debbie was able to meet with investors and select a new partner to help take her business forward. The business is now expanding and thriving thanks to fresh investment and Debbie has kept her seat on the board. She’s now able to live life to the full with the extra time and personal funds that the deal secured for her.

Many business owners feel the same way as Debbie. They spent years or even decades building a business, and while they’d love to enjoy the freedom that retirement can bring, they’re just not ready to hand over the reins entirely. To discover how Generational Group can help you to secure the best of both worlds, contact one of our Senior Business Advisors today.

They walked me through every step of the way, I felt like I had a hand any time I needed it.

Debbie Ritchy | Body Spa

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