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When Hard Work Pays Off

After nearly 40 years of building his business into an industry leader, David Carnahan wanted to make sure he received a fitting return for his hard work. Discover how Generational Group helped him find and connect with an ideal buyer, ensuring his efforts were well-rewarded.

For nearly 40 years, David Carnahan built Mainstreet Computers into an industry leader. 90-hour workweeks, late nights, early starts – he’d done it all, and reached a point where he didn’t want that strain anymore. With help from Generational Group, David’s hard work paid off. After a successful exit for a premium offer, David can now do whatever he wants, whether that’s play tennis, visit family, or simply hang out on the beach.

Our experience and broad buyer portfolio helped ensure David didn’t settle for his first offer. By exploring opportunities outside of his own industry, David received offers worth far more than he ever felt possible. If you’re considering what’s next for your business, or need advice on identifying the ideal buyer, speak to our Senior Business Advisors today.

If you’re thinking about exiting your business or learning about the process, you should attend Generational’s conference. It’s probably the smartest thing you can do as a business owner, regardless of where you’re at in the process.

David Carnahan | Mainstreet Computers

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