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Rediscovering Spontaneity

The demands of running their business meant owners Bob and Cheryl Finnie never had the freedom to indulge their passions or try something new. Through Generational Canada’s support, they were able to successfully exit their business and reinvigorate their spontaneity.

In the process of building their business, Bob and Cheryl Finnie realized that something had gone missing from their lives – spontaneity. The demands of running a company meant they couldn’t simply do things when it suited them. When they reached out to Generational Canada, our professional M&A advisors supported them throughout the course of exiting their business; guiding them towards the optimal value that would give them the freedom to be spontaneous.

From recasting their company’s financials to always being available to answer questions, Bob and Cheryl were thankful for the guidance of our team of advisors throughout the journey to secure their successful business sale. If you are seeking the freedom that comes with exiting your business, or are simply curious about where to take your business next, speak to our Senior Business Advisors to learn what Generational Canada can do for you.

The fact you’ve got an advisor there that’s willing to hold your hand and help you through the process is very, very important.

Bob and Cheryl Finnie | Carbonic Systems

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